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The company name P. Meidell is the best guarantee you can get for high quality and professional competence. Through 120 years the company has offered machinery and equipment to manufacturing industries, and is today the market leader in Norway.

We want to assist customers in a professional and efficient manner by providing complete solutions - where everything from assessment of needs, training and long-term service is a natural part of the offer. We help the customer make the right investments, we deliver on time, we assemble and initiate, we provide professional service, and we provide the parts and consumables.

Our employees are all specialists in their fields, have high product knowledge and take pride in you to be satisfied as our customer. Our knowledge are your safety.


Our head office is in Groruddalen in Oslo, where we have a large stock of both supplies and machines, making us highly able to deliver as required. We also have local offices in Stavanger, Bergen and Skodje (in cooperation with Froma Maskin AS) outside Ålesund. This together with good support, the right price and quality of the products has given us many loyal customers. A trust, we are sincerely proud of!


The SAWMAN since 1891 - Built on 120 years of experience !

Sagmannen - Born 1891


P. Meidell AS - Tel. +47 22 20 20 25

Maskingrossisternes Forening
Visit address: Stålfjæra 16, Kalbakken, 0975 Oslo, NORWAY - Post address: Postboks 181, Kalbakken, 0903 Oslo, NORWAY